At Postmasters we are focused on taking responsibility for reducing our impact on the environment  and protecting our beautiful home for future generations to enjoy. We have implemented a range of initiatives and continue to work on new opportunities to make the ‘change for good’.

RecyclingWe take great care that all items that can be recycled – plastics, metal, paper, cardboard and glass – are. Washing out our plastics and doing our bit as well as educating our staff on how and why we need to recycle is all part of it. Wherever possible we use reusable/recyclable containers to store our products/produce in house to avoid using cling film/Gladwrap which is a single use plastic that ends up in landfills and oceans.

Sustainable suppliers – Sam, Co-Owner/Head Chef, saw a real opportunity to work with our suppliers to change our fruit and vege deliveries arriving in big plastic bags – we receive fresh produce daily so over time it becomes a lot of unnecessary waste.  They introduced a system using our own boxes which get washed and reused in a circular pattern.  Our suppliers really got on board and some of them have even implemented it with other local businesses which is even better!

Ground up – A huge part of our business operates on the sale of coffee which has several variables from production to waste.  First of all… the beans! We proudly serve Switch Expresso, which roasts here in Aotearoa and sources their beans exclusively from fair trade and organic co-operatives around the world which means our coffee does good from the ground up.  (Fair trade means that buying this coffee supports fair pay to farmers and producers, and organic means no chemicals, fertilisers or insecticides are introduced to the plant).   Their packaging get recycled and each plastic bag the coffee beans come in gets reused up to 7 times!

  • We love our customers to enjoy a coffee in our beautiful café but if you can’t, we encourage you to use a keep cup – bring your own or
  • buy one and enjoy your first coffee free as a thank you from us and mother Earth!  We also have compostable cups and recyclable lids which simply need a little rinse before you bin them.
  • Lastly on the coffee front, all our grounds get composted locally by our community of avid gardeners! If you would like some to boost your vege patch just let us know via email info@postmasters.co.nz, send us a message on social media or better yet, pop in and have a chat (and a coffee)!   We’ve also heard rumours that some of our coffee grounds are being used as an invigorating body scrub! We’re not pointing fingers but one of our staff members has VERY soft skin.

Keep it homemade/local We enjoy the abundance of living in such a beautiful and bountiful environment, creating dishes that reflect, celebrate and honour our home.  We take pride that our produce is all sourced as locally as possible, reducing food miles and supporting local farms.  Many of our dishes contain local fruit that we have picked ourselves: apples, quince, blackberries and Arrowtown’s famous elderflower.  We also have a herb garden that provides some of the beautiful depth of flavour in our dishes.


We know that we are a small part of a global movement and “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step”.  We hope you will join us on our journey!