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How long have they been with us? What do they do? What is great about them? What do they do outside of work? What is their dream/goal/what are they aiming for? Favourite thing on the menu?

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Sam Laycock + Maria Kealy – The Kealy Laycocks

Originally from England and Ireland Sam and Maria are New Zealand citizens along with their 2 sons, Finn and Noah. They met in Queenstown in 2009 and quickly made the Whakatipu their home. Loving the outdoor lifestyle Maria can be found hiking or skiing in the mountains and Sam can be found on a mountain bike or a snowboard!

Michelle Weeks

Suraj Prasad

Maria Cooke

Chong How

Kali Warwick Chin

Our Values

Smart Work – We aim to make better decisions everyday. Constantly evaluating what we do and how we do it means we can continually develop.

Honesty – Mistakes are a fact of life, what matters to us is how we process them. We always take the time to learn.

Sustainability is so important to us we have written a whole page about it! Check it out here

Giving Back – We’re not just successful because of what we do, we’re also successful because of what surrounds us. Giving back into our community makes our business much more rewarding.

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