At Postmasters we are focused on taking responsibility for reducing our impact on the environment  and protecting our beautiful home for future generations to enjoy.


We have implemented a range of initiatives and continue to work on new opportunities to make the ‘change for good’. Our environment is special to us, that is why we proudly support the Arrowtown Choppers, a volunteer community group. They do an amazing job reforesting the ‘mid-country’ around the famous Sawpit Gully trail with 2 native plantings a year. They are not only protecting Arrowtown’s biodiversity, they are enhancing it.

Support Local

We enjoy the abundance of living in such a beautiful and bountiful environment. We take pride in sourcing our produce as locally as possible, reducing food miles and supporting local farms. Many of our dishes contain local fruit that we have picked ourselves. We also have a herb garden that provides some of the beautiful depth of flavouring our dishes.



We take great care that all items that can be recycled are. Plastics, Cans, Paper, Cardboard and Glass are cleaned as necessary and taken away to be processed by local contractors. Spent cooking oil from our fryer is collected and turned into Biodiesel. Raw food scraps, spent coffee grounds and loose leaf tea are turned into compost for our garden. Wherever possible we use reusable containers to store our goods and avoid using single use products unless necessary.


Sustainable Suppliers

We saw a real opportunity to work with our suppliers to change our deliveries arriving in big plastic bags – unnecessary waste. We introduced a system using our own boxes which get washed and reused. Our suppliers really got on board and some of them have even implemented it with other local businesses too! We know that we are a small part of a global problem but ‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step’. We hope you will join us on our journey.