Once home to the town’s Postmaster, the original building was built in 1873 but unfortunately burnt down in 1906. The building you see today was built in 1907.

The Postmaster used the front room as the town’s “Post Office” until a dedicated building was erected in 1882. It was literally on the door step until in 1915 the Post Office was relocated to its current position.

A Postmaster resided in the villa until the late 1980s when it was sold to a local businessman who turned it into a B&B. After this a Chinese artist took over residency, using the front two rooms as his gallery.

In 1998 developers took over and wanted to demolish the building and replace it with a block of flats. The Arrowtown community were appalled at this prospect so they rallied together, eventually managing to buy the property. During their tenure, they protected the land as a reserve and placed strict covenants on the building ensuring its future.

In time, the building was sold to a restaurant developer with the proceeds of the sale going into a council fund which provided the parks and reserves around Arrowtown. The building was refurbished, the verandahs and garden added, and local children helped to lay Greenstone in the paths in preparation for its new life.

After going through a few guises, we took over in early 2013.  Together with our team, we have worked hard to build Postmasters Cottage Café with a focus on fresh, local food and wines matched with friendly and efficient service.  We hope you enjoy!